Tamago No Tamashii EP

by Paolo Sala

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Four new songs about a few stupid humans and an old song about all the dinosaurs, just to change the point of view.


released January 3, 2013

All songs written, performed and recorded by Paolo Sala
Tenor sax on Very Libra played by Roberto Barisone
© copyright Paolo Sala 2013

Thanks to Baristo, Björn Giordano, Marco Marra, Emily Jones, Damien Somville, Dave Milligan, Sterbus and all the beloved ones.


tags: pop Genova


all rights reserved


Paolo Sala Genova, Italy

I am a reclusive, obsessive, slightly misanthropic songwriter and composer of soundtracks for imaginary movies that had never been made.
My dream live comeback would be with the accompaniment of a string quartet.
Looking for collaborators…

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Track Name: My love is declared
“A glass of water
just to clear your throat for talking,
we're not guilty
come upstairs, and help yourself
then have a seat please,
I'll be here in just a minute, play guitar,
it's time for a shower, no hair dryer and
I'll be there for you in the end
things are displayed
there's nothing else that we can say”

“I can't stay for more than a few days
without you, please come over,
f.u.c.k. fulfil me, I had a dream last night
about the failure of my life and
every time I think of you and me I melt
this is the best I’ve ever felt
things are displayed
let's find a place where we can play”

Tchaikovsky's violin concerto
Sounds just like our lost chances
The Rite of Spring in winter time
Far away in a hotel
People wore daisy t-shirts
Bill wedded us and made us cry

Spent all the summertime with
My headphones in the night and
Listening to Schubert's symphonies
Spent all those months expecting
Her to wake up reacting
But her eyes just filled up with tears

“Mutilation, what you ask me is too much
my independence is just fake so I betray
see, it's so easy to be happy,
you just have to keep the secret
and the promise
nothing can be wrong
for many years we can go on
things are displayed
but I cannot make up my mind”

Mixing up dreams and vodka
Clutching at straws and scrambling
Waiting for her to be with me
But behind spookiness
There is a big laziness so
She kept the monsters sound asleep

Firstly love was detected
Later love was deflected
I've been on my own for so long
Blah blah blah useless fancy
My right hand in her panties
Mind you, my love is now declared.

(written in December 2012)
Track Name: Very Libra
All my life
All day
All night
Take note!

A little movie maker sleeps inside my head
And there’s a little painter too
A novelist sometimes comes for a cup of tea
But he’s a far too busy dude
But he’s a far too busy dude

I put my investigator hat upon my head
Then I sit on the couch and rest
I see the paper airplane landing on my bed
Prepare the crew for a hard test
Prepare the crew for a hard test

The instant glue and scissors of eternity
They make me feel ever so small
And while false bottomed world
Sells bootleg merchandise
I see beyond the cloudy sky
I see beyond the cloudy sky

The autumn leaves and stars
Share common interests
They even share a place to be
Though I’m not sure
That I still can sleep in your nest
I am just looking for a plea
I am just looking for a plea

Take me with you
Your moony face is like a mirror
Give me your wine
Before I am knocked down by terror
Tie to the ground
My helium blown up silky body
There is no bound
A knot can be so loose and cosy
Out of the blue
A question mark in every sentence
Its false and true
My toes are sinking in the gold sand
I leave the banquet
To build myself a big cathedral
For all the gods
So don’t you think it’s very Libra?

(written in August 2012)
Track Name: Bang bang! Bye bye!
Another drink right in your hand
Now you cannot deny
This is the gate to morning gloom
And fading lights

To face a sunless cloudy dawn
Is just the hardest bet
But the exciting thing is that’s not over yet

You all live on a train
You’re travelling in vain
There in the corridor
Behind a shut locked door
King of forbidden things
Owner of drama queens
To leave no stone unturned
He pulled your knickers down
Bang bang! Bye bye!
First bang then bye bye!

The emptiness of matterless
It’s fitting like a glove
You’ve got the handkerchief
For your sniffing nose

Another end of cigarette
Impromptu coming soon
Inside you something burns
But it is just your doom

You all live on a train
You’re travelling in vain
There is no corridor
Just one half-open door
Queen of the things you wish
Though drama hider-ish
To leave no stone unturned
You let your knickers down
Bang bang! Bye bye!
First bang then bye bye!

Blood drinking sucking eating
So violent darkly craving
It’s gloomy gloomy frantic
No intellect just senses

Bang bang! Bye bye!
First bang then bye bye!

(written in May 2012)
Track Name: The escape plan
Glimpse and wink
I smile
Don’t you see I’m petrified
By what I’ve found here

Time to stretch
Or compress
Don’t you know I’m trying to guess
What happens tonight

Ask myself
If I must be silent and rely
On what you tell me

But one day
Will I
Be able to declare
How much I need you

Doctor Nightmare’s coming for sure
Makes your dreams extremely unpure
Brings the mice to poison your food
Comes to me and boycotts my manhood

I’ll be thinking of it all night long
Insincerely keen on singing songs
Waiting for the people to be gone
For the escape plan
I’ll be yearning for it all night long
Hoping that you’re going to sing my songs
Until all the people head for home
That’s a perfect plan.

(written in January 2012)
Track Name: God executed all the dinosaurs
God executed all the dinosaurs
God executed all the dinosaurs
They woke up in the morning
And a strange light was on
And no alarm screamed the night before
A change in the world was decided overnight
We don’t know why

God executed all the dinosaurs
God executed all the dinosaurs
They were everywhere
In the water earth and sky
65 million years ago
Then one of them
Put the head under the sand
That’s suicide

Cry and cry for the end of the big beasts
You don’t know that
You are killing ants and flies
Say goodbye
But I’m wondering, I am wondering
Oh why?

God executed all the dinosaurs
God executed all the dinosaurs
Probably the reason why is that
They weren’t smart enough
And God was ashamed of his creation
And though they were so big
He decided to make a clean sweep.

(written in August 1993)