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A 9 track album about having no control on anything, not even the language.


released November 28, 2016

All music by Paolo Sala

Words on A Wise Old Owl from a traditional nursery rhyme.
Language and words on Tu Nu Kata Max An Dimita by Mashoon.
All the remaining words by Paolo Sala.

Recorded and engineered between May 2015 and August 2016 by Paolo Sala in the Bunker Studio, Arenzano, Genova, Italy, EU, Planet Earth, Solar System, Orion Spur, Milky Way, Laniakea Supercluster, Known Universe.

Standing bass part on A Wise Old Owl, detailed suggestions, friendly support and coaching provided by Damien Somville (thanks, mate!)
Cover photograph by Mashoon

© 2016 Paolo Sala




all rights reserved


Paolo Sala Genova, Italy

I am a reclusive, obsessive, slightly misanthropic songwriter and composer of soundtracks for imaginary movies that had never been made.
My dream live comeback would be with the accompaniment of a string quartet.
Looking for collaborators…

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Track Name: Stormy Clouds
Stormy clouds run and thicken overhead
Rumbling like guns that might shoot you dead for real
Stormy wind spills spite on shaking trees
Cursing at the house and the graveyard upon the hill

Friends go away without saying goodbye
And I can see them walk off and retire

Nasty rooks gliding like devil kites
Proclaiming that hell has just moved to sky, oh dear!
Vicious seagulls scream spitting out my name
Join a demon choir and split up my brain, that’s real!

They were so right when they let me down
‘Cause there’s no point in hanging ‘round with me

In a rainbow pause
I go out and walk
Maybe I’ll meet someone
Track Name: When How Where Why?
The day when you sat beside me
“Let’s have another chat” this is what you told me
The way you always tried to make things happen
The way you asked me
When How Where Why

The time when you had a fever
The time when you felt carsick before the travel
The days spent in the playground without your best friends
The days you asked me
When How Where Why

The things that you make up daily
The story that you titled “I Am Not Lonely”
When you are on your own filling reams of paper
The answers to your
Whens hows wheres whys

The world gets bigger
As our minds gain vigor
I don’t mean to piss you off
Whenever I crack a joke
To speak Duck invigorates
The feathering of our brains

Day light is coming to lift you up and to make you shine
Night time is coming to drag you down to your dreaming mine

The fear of the wind that’s blowing
The haunting of the house when the globe is glowing
The funny notes you hung all over the apartment
The things you already know
Say, see-saw

I love you when you are serious
I love you when you laugh and you sound delirious
I love you when you’re studying or being lazy
I love you when you say
Yes and no

Yes, life is a hurricane
But fun is at hand

Your favourite dinosaurs
Don’t quite look like dinosaurs
Whatever they’re meant to be
They’re named just like you and me

Day light is coming to lift you up and to make you shine
Night time is coming to drag you down to your dreaming mine
Darling, you don’t really have to say what is wrong and right
Trust me, you don’t really have to choose between day and night
Track Name: A Wise Old Owl
A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird
Track Name: Lullaby (to stay up all night)
Clear the night and so am I
The window is a gate and everything is breathing
Moon gets high and so do I
The silver in my hands the ghost beneath the ceiling
True… does anybody feel as I do?

Fast is bike
And light is noise
I’m counting all the times you used that exact wording
Listen, do you hear that voice?
I cannot sleep tonight but everything is fitting
Free… to picture everything I cannot see

Mind you
I will speak my mind
And sitting on the floor
I’ll cross that open door
I’m feeling so playful
I’m hearing a song
Until the morning comes
Plays on and on and on
You had to be careful
You picked the wrong guy
I’m not one of those who work things out and try
I can be obsessive
But I am not strong
And when things seem settled
You might find me gone

But now it’s alright
I’m feeling quite relieved
My life is on a breeze
I’ve got to be steady
I’ve got to be a fool
And while I think of this
I see there is no rule

Hear me
I’m talking to you
I’m standing on a foot
Escaping from my roots
Don’t want to be someone
Don’t want to be you
Don’t want to be at all
I’m glad to have no goal

Though you paid attention
You got me so wrong
‘Cause you thought I was protecting my sweet home
But you didn’t get it
You can’t read my code
I’m a prisoner in the mixolydian mode
To stay up all night
It’s a lullaby
To stay up all night
Track Name: Foam
Lone return
Drawn big sun

A book of tales abandoned on the nightstand no one ever gets to read
A checked shirt soaked with kid sweat to be worn again despite its laundry need

Noon is motionless like in a painting
But laziness is as thrilling as a waiting

Burn burn burn
In the sun

Cumuli like icy towers for the gods to live away from tears
A bunch of tiny people getting serious about their wooden gears

A stray dog is barking in the distance
Must be the guardian of the spook resistance

And we’ll never know who’s living there, what’s going on out of the dream
And we’ll never know each other’s feelings with our feet plunged in the stream

Foam of consciousness is made of words
that always change their sound and sense

Turn U-turn
Drive me home

The afternoon is warmer than expected but us kids laugh on the trees
The bicycles have been left by the roadside, we got scratches on our knees

We’re ants chased by a magnifying glass
Unsheathing our swords made with blades of grass

And you’ll never know how much I longed how much I cried only for you
And how long I hoped you would return, all of a sudden out of the blue

Foam of consciousness is made of songs
That no one sings, that make no sense.
Track Name: Tu Nu Kata Max An Dimita
Si tu jeme mire pak paon
Lally on shater an zaor
Nu kene es kai runa
Cuan tu kaji mes an obum
Nu kene es kai nuki
Mes atiri al xentos

Shano? Tea? Nagher?
Pater ka nu tes
Peri dejo
Kai ile nu es kai imoya

En tu nu kene mire me
Ka nu toni es liary
Sha toni tes lialely

Keis an kivin en soz an bum
Es ax wenna peri irov
En dejo le aleru
Mito nu es an nagher
Mito es fenire
Mito es minna ill
Ill es an numa chazan

Tu nu kata max an dimita
Kata max an dimita
Ni tu lo katai fin?


If you want to talk to somebody
Singing or cursing loudly
Don’t make much difference

When you ought to make a good impression
It shouldn’t be so bad
To make some animal sounds

“Strange”? “Really?” “Exaggeration!”
Words that don’t exist
For me
Therefore they’re not important

And you cannot tell me
That not everything is possible
As everything does really exist

Kissing or firing a shot
Are the ways of love
And I will follow them

This is not exaggeration
This is freedom
This is my life
Life is our foolishness

You don’t have control anymore
Don’t have control anymore
But have you ever had it?